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There are situations when the lock is in excellent condition, and there is only one key left, the rest are lost. If he disappears, then there will be trouble. Spare keys are made in special workshops, but you can also make them yourself in an emergency. No complicated machines are required, all you need is desire and a couple of minutes of your time тут.

What to prepare

Find an unused plastic card or Tic-Tac gum pack and sharp scissors. Additionally, you will need a lighter, pliers or round nose pliers. The hole is melted with a stud in the key.

Car Locksmith Covering the UK

The process of making a duplicate key

Clamp the factory key with pliers and gently smoke it on one side with a lighter. There should be a lot of soot on the surface, do not leave gaps. Soot should cover the entire plane of the key. Place it on a flat rack to cool. Cut the adhesive tape of the required length and width, press it firmly against the surface of the key. The more carefully you do this operation, the better the print will be. From the entire surface of the key, soot should stick to the adhesive tape. Peel off the key from the adhesive tape, check the clarity of the image.

Push-in method — popular with emergency services

If you have lost the key, you cannot get into the room, and the second one is not at hand, then you can try to open the door using a method popular with emergency services — this is the so-called pressing method. It is real only if you have a cylinder type of constipation. Although for its implementation you will need some tools:

  • vise;
  • a good file with thin edges;
  • pliers.

Before you make the key to the door using the pressing method, you must purchase a key blank. According to its type, appearance, it must exactly match the original. You can buy such blanks in construction, hardware stores or key workshops — just name the lock model and the seller will offer you the desired blank. If you don’t remember the name of the constipation, then pick it up from memory.

Car Locksmith Covering the UK

So, if the workpiece is purchased, the neighbors have a vise or in the garage, you can get to work. To do this, carefully insert the blank into the keyhole so as not to damage the internal pin mechanism. Holding the head of the key with pliers, carefully turn the blank to the right, as if you were about to lock the door. Do not push hard, as soon as you feel that the key blank is no longer turning, stop and move it up and down. Then do exactly the same manipulations, but turning the key to the left. This will allow you to get clear imprints of the pins.

Fix the workpiece in a vise and with a file remove the excess part of the metal on the key, focusing on the marks obtained. Work carefully so as not to cut off the excess part. It is better to periodically insert the key into the keyhole and try to open the door, if it fails, grab the file again. All corners and cutouts should be perfectly even, with sharp corners.


To avoid the occurrence of unpleasant situations, it is necessary to fulfill two conditions. First — the lock should open very easily, the mechanism is new and without rust. Three times — the key should be turned with the utmost care, plastic duplicates are fragile. If they break in the mechanism, then you will have to cut the bow to open it.

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